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Permanent Exhibition

Showroom Art Kern

Rampe Quidort 4

1227 Genève


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ART KERN,     a family business

label genève / homo faber guide/métier d’art suisse


They collaborate with architects  and international designers for prestigious projects with their corporate studio. This manufacture is an activist enlightened by the achievement of  beauty  and the quality of Swiss work .


Ivé de LISLE, loft 77

Plastic artist based in Geneva.


After serving the art crafts of interiors and fabrics design in Europe, in the USA and in Asia he refocused in his workshop of Vandœuvres and continues his pictorial work.


The source of inspiration for ART KERN is metal. The meeting and the exchanges with the painter Ivé de LISLE founded the base of the collection WORKT ART which combines technology, crafts and design.

Their efforts result in the restitution of a sensual dimension in everyday objects for the private, collective or institutional environment. These rooms find their place in elegant interiors, yachts, jets, residences and prestigious structures.

The functionality of the objects is not altered by the design. They become multi-use sculptures: working tools, lighting and decoration accessories, shapes forged with the talent,  know-how and the love of the «beautiful work» that animates all employees.

The requirement of ART KERN in the fields of technique, quality and finishes combined with the visual rigour of Ivé de LISLE have consolidated a dialogue leading to the meaning of objects, to their versatility: they fulfill their function and simultaneously become benchmarks to be considered as a work chosen to single out, in the manner of a signature, the space in which they are located.

*All pieces in this collection are available in bespoke sizes with a wide selection of finishings exhibited at the Showroom ART KERN, located at 4 Rampe Quidort , in Geneva.


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04 contact

Showroom Art Kern

Rampe Quidort 4

1227 Genève

0041 (0)22 735 09 17


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