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12_Applique Ravel

Although this article can be used as an individual element, the caliber of this wall lamp responds with figurative and architectural punctuation to the scale of the BEYOND mirror. 
An inclined plane can be placed below or above which will capture the vertical light emitted by RAVEL to create and place a reflecting mass at a variable distance. The function of lighting then merges with the art of sculpture.
This plan can be plain, solid or shaped, transformed into other forms, engraved, adorned with a logo, bear a coat of arms or other ornaments.



L 420mm H 185mm P 100mm et L350mm H 170mm P 10m

Haut: acier croqué, brossé façon textile, laqué incolore mat, led 2700k, dimmable.
Bas: acier usiné dans la masse, brossé façon textile, laqué incolore mat.

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